Vegetarian Family Homestay in Wayanad
Sundara Mahal - Safety First

This was just like home. We never felt like this was a new place. This place is so neat and good and food is so tasty. Don’t feel like leaving. Murali and Prabha are wonderful hosts. We will definitely come back again.

Rekha, Pradeep Ramachandra and Adithya Sundara Mahal Vegetarian Homestay guests Rekha Pradeep and family

Welcome to Sundara Mahal, the  Only Vegetarian, Only Family, No Alcohol Residential Homestay in Wayanad !

Sundara Mahal is the numero uno choice as the Only Vegetarian, Family First, Residential Homestay in Wayanad , situated at Kalpetta, nestled among the mountains of western ghats. Reviews from guests and leading travel veterans adjudge us to be the best homestay in terms of ease of access, ambiance. accommodation,  food, hospitality and value for money.This enhanced our reputation as the go to place.  Since we began the Residential Homestay in 2008 we have hosted hundreds of families. We are today richer with family friends and our network is stronger and wider across the globe. 

Some Background about the Homestay:  

Let us provide you with some background to the Homestay. Set in acres of a progeny orchard and garden this exclusive and private bungalow has been home to five generations of our family over a century. Generations have lived under this roof over periods that were truly transformational. The atmosphere reverberates with the sounds of birds chirping, the monkeys screeching and the crickets singing who conduct nature’s orchestra 24×7. The woodpecker provides the percussion. We ensure as best as we can that these species treasure this safe haven as much as we do.

What are the leisure activities available in the Homestay: 

The big open grounds are for children to play, not for adults to party. To ensure our guests enjoy the leisure time there are activities that are available in the grounds of our homestay. If you are a learner for life, there is a huge library of books and multimedia content that will do a reference institution proud. We have attempted to anticipate the questions you may want to ask us before confirming your visit and have tried to answer them to our best in the FAQ’s.

The lifestyle we offer at the Homestay in Wayanad: 

The pace of life here is deliberately slow, reminding one of an era gone by.   Sundara Mahal has provided with its ambiance, solace to many as an ancestral home where one could truly relax the mind and regenerate the spirit. Tradition plays a big part in the lifestyle we offer. The food is pure home cooked vegetarian, Vegan or Jain food if requested. 

Why we insist on Vegetarian Cuisine and prioritize families: 

As descendants of Tamil Brahmin (Iyer) lineage, we recognize we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors who were  achievers. Vegetarianism and affection and respect  for families have been part of our culture and ingrained values. Being considerate to infants and respectful of the elderly has been the norm of our family. A more exhaustive Cornerstone Content of the very purpose of continuing with the Homestay and surrounding lands and promoting benefits not just for our family but to our larger community is available at the page titled Raison d’etre.

 The Host who Walks : Blog

 The lessons learnt from the personal stories of our guests inspire writing. Some of these stories are so emotionally gripping it has to be told.   As a result the Blog. It has posts on the travels of the hosts to various parts of the world and contains stories that brings out the awe. Honest words is all the blog has. You can find it as another Cornerstone Content in Blog: Host Stories

Finally our Homestay rules are as Follows: 

 1) The cuisine is Pure home cooked Vegetarian, Vegan or Jain food.

 2) Alcohol is not permitted in the premises and  

  3) We accept confirmed bookings only. No walk in.

Oh! There’s a catch! Sundara Mahal is to laze and relax. For those who need the break; together!  



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