Tranquility of Our Home Sundara Mahal

Mr. Murali and Mrs. Prabha are excellent human beings and great company. We all had great time talking on different subjects. Moreover, the collection of books made our stay enjoyable. Great home cooked meals lovingly prepared and served and stimulating conversation are memorable. Have to leave but haven’t had enough yet. Looking forward to our […]

Mahendra, Vinita, Abhilasha and Raghav Sundara Mahal Vegetarian Homestay guests Mahendra and family

Welcome to Our Home!

Sundara Mahal situated in Kalpetta at Wayanad, Kerala offers clean elegant rooms and amenities, pure vegetarian home cooked food, is child friendly and welcoming to the elderly. Reviews from guests and leading travel websites adjudge us to be the best Family Homestay in Wayanad. Since 2009 we are richer by hundreds of family friends across the globe.

Set in acres of a progeny orchard and garden this exclusive and private bungalow has been home to five generations of our family over a century.. It stands as an elegant testimonial to the blessings and skills that have endured the test of time. Generations have lived under this roof over periods that were truly transformational.

Sundara Mahal has provided with its ambiance, solace to many as an ancestral home where one could truly relax the mind and regenerate the spirit. Tradition plays a big part in the lifestyle we offer. The food is pure vegetarian,Vegan or Jain food if requested.

The big open grounds are for children to play, not for adults to party. The birds chirping, the monkeys screeching and the crickets singing conduct nature’s orchestra 24×7. The woodpecker provides the percussion. None of them are harmed. And no one bites the dogs.

The cuisine is Pure home cooked Vegetarian. Alcohol is not permitted in the premises. Confirmed bookings only.

Oh! There’s a catch!

Sundara Mahal is to laze and relax. For those who need the break; together.


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