About our Family

Veda did her under graduation at Trivandrum and her Masters at Manipal. She enrolled for her Phd in International Relations at Mumbai University. She won the Institute of Chinese Studies-Harvard Yenching (ICS-HYI) fellowship. She has been conducting her research and field studies in United Kingdom, Ethiopia, and a year at Peking University, Beijing, China and is now at Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA for the final phase before submitting her thesis.

Vishnu is a Medical Doctor. He finished his  MBBS at Govt. Medical College, Trivandrum  and is currently doing  his final year MD in General Medicine at Madras Medical College, Chennai.  Some persons are meant to be Doctors. He is one of them. Passion and empathy soundly based on knowledge and facts.

 Prabha is currently a Post Graduate student of MSW at IGNOU. Besides she is the home  maker,  mother, manager of the farm, accountant, PR Chief, the chef, a person who is the living embodiment of a workaholic with a variant of productive OCD. Her genuine interest in people reflects on all of us when we have families as repeat guests every year. Thirty one years of marriage and she still has this laugh! 4

Then there is me. Murali alias AV Narayanaswami. Orphaned at a young age I got lost in the forest of life. After attaining the age of majority legally, I purchased Sundara Mahal and adjacent lands from other legal heirs and decided to settle here. I actively ran businesses, Invested well, acted as a retained consultant for UNDP, Kerala State IT Mission, developed Asia’s largest agribusiness database, designed and built the database to protect the IPR of traditional knowledge in Kerala, organised farmers to be aware of the opportunities arising out of Globalised trade regime, appeared on TV channels, enjoyed public speaking and writing articles and essays.

I have come to realise that it is extremely complicated to keep life simple.

I live it minute by minute and am enjoying my family, our guests,the gardening, reading,writing and now being the creator and webmaster of this site!

Welcome! We eagerly await your Story!