Can we bring our Pets to Sundara Mahal Homestay ?

Yes you may.

Provided you have trained pets.The pet food will have to be brought with you and the pets will have to accompny you when you go sightseeing.

We have 3 golden retrievers and a cat here and will not be able to pay attention to another pet

Pets are not allowed in the main house.

However, we are happy to provide a room in the adjacent building where you can care for the pet. 

But why are we so concerned about Pets....
Here are a few reasons why...!!!

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this - Terry Pratchett
Animals are such agreeable friends;they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms - George Eliot
A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through - Jules Verne
A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself - Josh Billings
An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language - Martin Buber
Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail - Kinky Friedman