What is the Tariff at Sundara Mahal per family per room per day?

Sundara Mahal has four bedrooms of which only two are set aside for guests.

This assures that at no time is it crowded  and our guests get to enjoy the privacy of the Bungalow.

The base tariff is calculated inclusive of accommodation, breakfast and dinner per couple per day (i.e. 24 hours).

Children up to 5 years are on the house with no extra charge.

Children between 5 years and 13 years will be charged nominally.

Children above 13 years will be treated and charged as an extra adult.

Extra mattresses will be provided at no extra cost.

After saying all this why are we not spelling out a figure?

Remember we are an exclusive bungalow where we set aside only 2 rooms for guests.

Privacy is paramount.

The answer is timing. Depends on when your enquiry comes!

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