Every school going  kid knows about Thomas Alva Edison, who is  described as America’s greatest inventor owning over 1000 patents for his inventions.

Somewhere in the midst of my teen age I heard about  Nikola Tesla. Depending on who you talked to opinions varied from him being a crackpot or a genius. The limited number of resources available did restrict more detailed study on the person.

Fast forward to the post internet era. You can know all you need to about Mr. Tesla and Mr.Edison. Key into Wikipedia read up and follow the links to more useful, useless and utterly disgusting articles and news items of those days, as you see fit.

What I was fortunate enough to seek and find in Manhattan and Washington D.C are these:

A plaque on the Wall of the New Yorker Hotel, Manhattan, where On 7 January 1943, at the age of 87, Nikola Tesla died penniless and alone in Room 3327.

The image above is of a bulb invented by Thomas Alva Edison, The Wizard of Menlo Park,  presently an exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum at Washington D.C.

Two individuals.  Each a genius.  Worked together for some time. Worked at opposite ends most of the time.

What is the common factor between them?

Their impact on the daily life of every member of the species through the generations that followed them.

At times you can’t help being proud to be Human!!!  – Murali