Board Games at Sundara Mahal Homestay

The True Object of all Human life is Play – G K Chesterton

To play this game that is supposed to have originated in India is at the very least tricky. You need nerves of steel, a steady hand and should be as cool as a professional rifleman. Click on the image to see a champion play…

Another game that has its origins in our country. So much has been written, read and viewed by so many, by default it has come to be acknowledged as an extra ordinary talent when you reach the level of a Grand master.  To remind ourselves that it is still a game which human beings play click on the image…

Ever been at a loss for words. Any one who has played scrabble would know what we mean. Like crosswords scrabble challenges the levels of requirement. Vocabulary…Yes,Memory…Yes, Speedy recollection…Yes. But what if you are a Champion of Scrabble in French who does not know French…Quite Possible…Click on the image to see our champ…

Go is an extraordinary game. A strategic game like chess but the difference is glaring. There are 20 possible opening moves in chess. In go there are 361 opening moves. The number of  positions in Go board has been estimated to be 2 x 10170 

Developed by Alphabet Inc.’s Google DeepMind the AlphaGo  computer program plays Go.

Recently the Headlines screamed “Google’s AI AlphaGo Is Beating Humanity At Its Own Games”. Click on the image above and watch the game..

Do not go out and buy the Go Board yet. Visit this site at to learn Go online step by step.