Learning and Teaching Online at Sundara Mahal Homestay

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see ― Alexandra K.Trenfor

The following five facets are what we envisage as streaming from in the days to come...

We thank our talented friends who have offered their expertise and collaboration and await your valuable inputs and participation.

Live Farming Online

The broadband revolution underway is going to throw up opportunities that is going to change the facet of  many commercial ventures. It is no different in farming. The  Farmer needs all the help he can get. The most urgent need is to get access to shelf spaces of reputed outlets in urban areas and find a profitable journey for the  products from farm to fork.


Family Doctors

Our two Medical professionals at home in Sundara Mahal  Dr.Devapriya M.D and Dr. Vishnu DM will be available online for consultations and guidance. The advent of IOT platforms and programs like IBM’s Watson are going to change the face of Medical practice and reach. Tele medicine is going to be affordable and accessible to all very soon.Its only natural that fish take to water…

Yoga and Meditations

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi.  We have a long list of various practitioners of different types of meditations who are willing to teach online. It is advisable to meet each of them online before finalysing your teacher. An introduction to personal instruction in yoga by Anniina who is an expert practitioner and teacher online at mutually convenient time will be possible. View a sample of her work by clicking on this image and see more in you tube….

Vegetarian Recipes come alive

There is a need to preserve the traditional way of cooking and rare recipes that used to be a part of our family and regional heritage. As videos record modern day cooking shows we feel along with this we should record our older generation in their expertise in cooking, their way, in their language. An archive of family culinary heritage.

Personalised Music Lessons

Our families have been blessed with an ancestry of music. It is a strange luck that we are also chosen as the place to visit and stay by a lot of renowned musicians. Interacting with them we are exposed to a huge number of students who want to pursue classical music classes online. Here the language need is that of  the ability of the teacher to communicate in English. Spread your talent  across the globe… Vivian is musician who can teach… Click on the Image above to listen to a sample and view more in you tube…