Nature Walk from Sundara Mahal Homestay

A drawing is simply a line going for a walk - Paul Klee

A Mountain stream

A half day of mild walk for the entire family. You can start after a leisurely breakfast and walk through the gentle slopes of a tea plantation, a coffee plantation and some forest lands. If the timing is right you may even walk up to a tea factory and watch the process that makes you morning “cuppa.” The pace of the walk is deliberately slow so that your family does not find it strenuous.

Introduction to endemic fauna and flora

In the half day walk you get a introduction to the endemic fauna and flora from the Informed guide who takes pains to explain the habitats and seasonal life cycles of these residents of wayanad. Remember Wayanad is in the shortlisted biological Hot spots of the western ghats and depending on your luck you may find strange and bewildering  sights!

A 14 km eight hour hike !

Contrary to the half day relaxed walk is the high energy 14 km 8 hour hike. These trails will take you through some forest trails where access is restricted and special permissions have to be obtained. Hikers enjoy this trail which comprises shola forests and grass lands. Packed lunch is taken along and the hikers are guided by experts who are very familiar with the trail. 

...And The View after the climb!

The long hike is said to be strenuous but the view from the top on a clear day is supposed to be breath taking. The hikers of both the half day and the long hikes are all praise for the guides , who finds these less traveled trails and  takes care of our guests to their full satisfaction. Details of the fees and charges and other forms of trails offered are available on request.