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The stay was extraordinary….hosts Prabha, Murali and ‘mother superior’ Amma instantly make you feel at home and hence at ease. One feels like he’s gone back to his ancestral home and not theirs. The place is steeped in history and the hosts patiently indulge you! The food is par excellence and the best time is dinner time which for us easily stretched beyond 2hrs…thanks to the lively conversations around it! Cosy rooms with every need taken care of and super comfortable. Fantastic location, easy driving distance from all tourist attractions.Read more….Guest-speak-in-tripadvisor-Button

 I must admit that I have planned our stay only for two days but after reaching Sundara Mahal we felt that we could have planned for at-least 3-5 days such a wonderful experience we had .  1. Excellent food. 2. Place to stay away from work.  3. Its a real friendly family who manages the home-stay. Read more….Guestspeak-in-HollydayIQ-Button

Can be a little less hospitable! Guests will definitely overstay otherwise!  Amazing place run by amazingly friendly people! Shall be back at the earliest. A lovely example of what a homestay should be. It probably serves as a good example for others wanting to start something similar – Vikram. B. Read more…..Notes-in-Guest-Book-Button