Sundara Mahal Vegetarian Homestay guests Chaitrali and family
Chaitrali Neeraj Apremeya Navin Priyanka and Ramaa

A beautiful place to spend your vacation. Being located in Kalpetta, all the sight-seeing points are close by. Despite being in Kalpetta, it is away from hustle and bustle of the city. It is a beautiful ancestral house, with huge front-yard, beautifully furnished rooms. The hosts are lovely. We had nice long chats with them during dinnertime, breakfast time, at evening tea.
Prabha Aunty, the hostess, cooks all the food herself, and she is a gourmet cook. We traveled with kids and she ensured that we always carried some food with us for the road. She understood the kids eating pattern within an hour and was always ready with whatever they would need – be it milk in the morning, milk when we got back, less spice stuff for breakfast and dinner, everything. This is not a resort, yet the attention to details in terms of room amenities was amazing – you always find soap and shampoos in the bathroom, but how many times you also find a moisturizer!! My daughter caught cough on the first day, and I had to wake Prabha aunty up at 11 in the night. She provided me with honey, adrak and warm water, without complaining even once.