Sundara Mahal Vegetarian Homestay guests Chandra and family
Chandra Nitin Ganesh

To begin with, I picked up Sundara Mahal as it was a purely vegetarian place and after reading the earlier reviews I felt it would be a fairly good place to stay on a holiday. I was totally unprepared for the warm welcome I received from Mrs.Prabha and Mr.Murali.That very instant I felt that I had made the right choice. The steaming mug of freshly brewed filter coffee was the much needed kick after the long journey. Within minutes we were chatting like old pals. Every corner of Sundara Mahal spelt warmth. We were shown into our room which was well ventilated with impeccable cleanliness; every minute detail was taken care of, extra pillows, rugs, bedspreads and towels. The whole place is spread over an acre of lush vegetation and it was the perfect place to unwind, it was like just walking around the place would melt our stress away. The dinner was a wide spread of fresh homemade food. It had a personal touch exuding the warmth of the person who had put her heart and soul into it. It was like a family dinner with the host and hostess joining us at the dinner table.
We woke up to the singing of birds, rather an unusual treat in today’s diminishing Greenery, the much needed home for the birds and the like. Breakfast was another much awaited affair with freshly prepared items, after seeking our preferences. It was like we were spoilt by our much caring mother and grandmother.Though it was our idea to go sight-seeing to a few selected places, we restricted it to only a couple of places and ending up spending the rest of our time at Sundara Mahal. We got to spend a couple of days with interesting guests.
It is easy to find a decent good place to stay but not easy to find that extra X factor, all credits to Mrs.Prabha and Mr.Murali. It goes a long way in building relations. I have visited many places, but this is the first time I am carrying memories for a lifetime.