Sundara Mahal Vegetarian Homestay guests Reena and family
Reena and Sarvesh

First of all i am really glad that i stayed in sundara mahal homestay which we found after reading lot of reviews. we stayed at SM from 18th oct to 21st oct. SM was not a homestay but a home for us. The house is a heritage house around 110 yers old full of books and artifacts. There was a genuineness in the warmth and hospitality exuded by the Prabha and Murali. Prabha was an excellent host and we striked a bond with each other as soon as she warmly welcomed us to her house. Her warmth and attention to the minute details to keep us comfortable was really heart warming. we had a very comfortable stay at SM amidst nature owing to the long conversations and informal interactions with the hosts. Prabha was really considerate as she prepared a no onion and no garlic meals for my husband which was really appreciable of her.They also helped us organize the transport and suggested good vegetarian options for lunch along with some nature walk options.
Sundara Mahal was a cool, quiet and a very neat place. Overall it was a great experience and we would highly recommend Sundara Mahal as a vegetarian homestay option for families and couples.