image of our drawing room with antique furniture

Rooms and Amenities

Sundara Mahal offers our guests, at any given time, Two exclusive rooms for their stay thus ensuring privacy. Each room is furnished with spring mattresses in King sized 7’x7’ cots and if needed extra beds are provided. Toilets have tiled walls and floors, hot and cold water mixers, washbasin, mirrors, clean toilet seats, toilet paper and health faucets.


There is a writer’s corner in each room with writing table, lamp, Designer Chairs that make ergonomic sense and an earthed power socket for Laptops. The rooms have Belgian Mirrors, Comfortable recliners, Coffee Tables, cupboards, adequate and tasteful lighting, Fan and Insect proof netting, clean fresh linen and blankets. Blankets? Yes! Through the cool micro climate of the wooded property, nature provides the air-conditioning, 24 x 365.

Sundara Mahal was designed for a joint family. There is adequate space ensuring no one feels crowded. The common rooms all have high ceilings and glass windows that provide air circulation and light. There have been no structural changes through these generations but every effort is taken to maintain them in excellent condition. Through Capex in Solar Panels and Energy efficient lighting we try to assure the carbon footprints our guests leave behind are minimal.


Our home delights in having children in its surroundings. Long before the Homestay began it was a haunt of children, friends of Veda and Vishnu. The open grounds and gaming facilities kept them very busy. After the Homestay was established we meet the city grown girls and boys who are fascinated by nature. In order to let them free and not slump in a chair we have removed the TV and computers to the office which is the adjourning building, though the wi-fi connectivity at home remains. No TV means assured action and conversations. When we listen to the kids of today it becomes clear that they have strong opinions and a mind of their own. It is fascinating.

We are grateful for their presence and the glimpse into the future!


Prabha insists she does the cooking personally. She is up very early preparing the breakfast  from start to finish and has her food after the guests have left for sight seeing by 10 AM. By 11 AM she starts preparations for dinner.The dinner is served by 8 PM and it will be Sumptuous! This offers her no time to prepare lunch. Generally our guests are out, sight seeing during lunch time. We suggest selected vegetarian food providers nearby. These places are not upmarket but it is small, family run and clean.The only exceptions to this schedule are aged parents of our guests. Some of them like to sit at home and relax rather than travel. For them a light lunch and a lot of conversation are provided.