Learning to Update at Sundara Mahal Homestay

Words cannot express just how I feel about this life. Words can only capture just a fraction of the Mind’s Eye.


Words. Their power and limitations become apparent as we age. So does the connotation of the word Update. The changes in these lines of thought, are welcomed by those of us, who are always enamoured by the new. But the rate of acceleration and unstoppable nature of these rapid and constant changes are exhausting. But Update we must. Whether you are a homemaker, a breadwinner, a student or a retiree you are lost if you let today overtake you. In the race to nowhere, being ahead now, at all times, seems to be the new mantra for survival. Where do we find the time to catch a breath, get some good sleep or find any kind of prolonged solace from this constant rush. What do we do to keep at it without breaking. How much is enough. The future needs to be secured. The past is Nostalgia. The present is, here and now, the time for us to Update.

Even if our loved one’s say it is enough, our well wishers feel it is time to stop, We can’t, because we are being watched by our own Mind’s Eye…

Here is wishing you and family the very best at all times…and reminding you, take some rest. Rest is a weapon and you will need it…to Update – Regards, From Murali a.k.a. AVN Swami